Hi. I am Yuji.

I am a Japanese who grew up in Japan, working for a Japanese company.

I happened to be relocated to Los Angels with my family for my new assignment  2 years ago.

Our life her will be 3 to 5 years in total, though I don’t know yet.

Even though we live in United States, we find a lot of Japanese elements here and there in LA, mainly due to the history of Japanese immigrants and Japanese companies. So we don’t need to miss Japan.

Also, I noticed a lot of people in Los Angeles are really interested in Japan, and some of them had visited Japan. But they are not necessarily familiar with Japanese element available here in Los Angeles.

So, we want to introduce such Japanese things in LA through this blog as well as telling how we love people, place, food etc in Los Angeles/California.

I hope this blog will be informative to those  interested in Japan or Japanese culture, food, language!


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