Marugame Udon at Sawtelle

When we moved to LA, I was surprised to see a lot of ramen restaurants. Many of them are run (and sometimes cooked ) by Japanese and ramen there tastes awesome!

I think Ramen is very popular not only among Japanese or American Japanese in LA, but also Americans at large.

But when it comes to Udon, I think it is still in the middle of getting popularity.

As a typical Japanese, I love udon as much as ramen. As a udon lover, I was really exited to hear Marugame Udon opened in Sawtelle.

Their udon is categorized as Sanuki Udon (Sanuki is a name of area in Shikoku island). It noodle is famous for its extra thickness and chewy bite.

The restaurant is self-service,which is typical style for Sanuki Udon.

Here is what to do.

When you enter the restaurant, you will see a long counter.

At the beginning you choose your udon from the menu.

Udon noodle is boiled in front of you and served in a bowl.

Then you move on to the tempura section. You will pick up your favorite tempura including deep-fried shrimp, sweet potato, and mix vegetable.

You can also have rice balls with different kind of filling.

Then you move on to the cashier.

But this is not the end. Af the check out, you will see free topping area.

You can add green onion or cilantro on top of your udon if you want. (I believe cilantro is special topping for US, which I found very good)

Also, you can prepare “tentsuyu”, a kind of soy sauce to which you can dip your tempura.

Now you are all set! Find your table, sit down and say “Itadakimasu!”

By the way, if you go there with a small kid, udon noodle might be too long to eat.

My wife’s favorite item is this food scissors. Then your little one can enjoy udon easily and safely!



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