DAISO – Japanese $1.5 Only Store

Have you ever been to DAISO in LA?

DAISO is one of the biggest 100 yen store chain (basically everything sold is priced as JPY) in Japan.

They run a lot of stores in USA and there are some in LA as well.

Basic business model is similar to that of 99 Cents Store, but the biggest difference is that most of the products sold in DAISO is their own brand.

Their product development is based on in-depth analysis of Japanese consumers, thus reflects Japanese people’s life-style, wisdom and culture.

They sell variety of products including stationaries, beauty & health goods, kitchen & dining goods, toys, party goods and you name it!

Just as an example, let me introduce one of their products, which is a smartphone holder for a car.

I have tried various type of holders including magnet type and suction type, but DAISO’s one is very compact & cheap($1.5) .

See how it is small compared with the useless over $20 holder!


This is used by attaching to A/C outlet. Once you set this, you can just put and remove your smart phone to the holder.

Why don’t you find Daiso near you!




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