How about “Don” for your lunch?

“Don” literally means “bowl”, but when used for menu it represents something over a bowl of rice.

Take  “Gyudon” as an example, as “Gyu” means beaf it represents grilled beef on rice served in a bowl.

“Tendon” is another example but a little bit tricky.

Ten is an abbreviation of “Tempura”, and in this case, it means deep-fried shrimp. So “Tendon” is deep-fried shrimp over a bowl of rice.

If you would like to try some Don, here is what I recommend.


These are frozen meals. All you need to do is just heating up them in a microwave for a couple of minutes.

AJINOMOTO is very famous and big Japanese food company, so they are truly Japanese food!

Other than Don, they also have Fried Rice and Bibimbap.

I often eat these for lunch at the office. They are sold around $4 at Japanese supermarkets such Nijiya, Marukai, and Mitskwa. (Big three, as I call them). I once found them at H-mart as well.

Finally, what go great with Don is miso soup.

The following products are instant miso soup, which are also available at Japanese supermarket, All you need to do is open the small bag of miso and put them in the cup, poor hot water and stir it until miso is melt away.







With these products, you can easily enjoy Japanese lunch at your office!


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