Do you like nori (seaweed)?

Do you like nori (seaweed)?

When I came to LA, I was surprised to see a lot of Sushi restaurants, on top of Ramen restaurants.

Unique feature of sushi restaurant in California (and maybe across U.S.) would be they serve rolls with seaweed rolled inside, not outside.

Yes, I am talking about California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls etc.


To be precise, this is the layer of rolls in California.


In comparison, typical sushi rolls in Japan look like this.

The layer structure


As I remember, the origin of american rolls such as California rolls were the fact that American people didn’t like how Japanese sushi rolls looked like with seaweed on the outer layer.

As a proof, in our kids’ favorite book “Yoko”, there is a scene where Yoko (a Japanese cat girl) brings sushi to her school (in U.S., I guess) for lunch, but her friend says;

“Ick! It’s green! It’s seaweed!”

However, I am not sure whether this is the case nowadays.

Oneday, my kids and myself joined their friend’s birthday party held in the park nearby.

There are various kinds of snacks on the picnic table.

Then I spotted snack seaweed among them.

This seaweed snack is designed to eat by itself. Just seaweed (to be more accurate, seaweed with salt, which is Korean style).

But a lot of people was enjoying its with crispy sound.  And what is more, this product is sold at Costco, which would mean there are not a small market in US!

Maybe as Japanese (and Korean) foods get popularity, people’s perception of seaweed has changed.

Speaking of sushi rolls, do you know what the hell is the girl doing?


This is so-called Ehou Maki (The good luck sushi) , a special rolls for seasonal event in February.

It is important to eat the whole roll without cutting it. Why?

If you are interested, please have a look at this blog.

I believe this Ehou Maki is impossible to roll without seaweed on the outside.

Now that you are OK with seaweed, you can try this next February!!

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