Best Low-carb snack

Best Low-carb snack

After I turned 30, I feel it is getting easier to lose short-term memory, and gain weight.

What was lucky to me was, at the time low carb diet started to be popular in Japan.

You can find low carb snacks/foods at any supermarket and low carb menu at any restaurants.

I am not on serious low carb diet but trying to avoid too much carb, especially for snacks.

I often eat cheese for snack as cheese is famous for its low carb.

But cheese is far from crispy which I expect to snacks. Also, it always needs to be in a fridge.

There are lots of cheese snacks but in most cases, its main ingredient is wheat and cheese is added to give it cheese flavor. So those snacks are not low carb.

However, recently I found perfect cheese snacks, which are named MOON CHEESE.


These products are 100% made of cheese. Gluten free.

So their total cab is extremely low as shown below.

Originally I love cheese so this product perfectly work for me.

Also,  they go well with wine!

If you would like to stop eating too much carb, please give it a try!


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