A diary of wimpy adults ?

A diary of wimpy adults ?

Do you remember what you were doing 5 years ago today?

You have no idea, right? But I can immediately answer the question.

On May 14th 2014, I was visiting my son in the hospital as he was hospitalized due to a high fever.

I know this not because I am genius. Simply I look back on  my journal.

Keep a journal is very good habit. Why?

Firstly, You can keep track of your history.

The capacity of our memory is limited. We are all genius when it comes to forgetting.

So If you look back on your life all you remember will be only big events like..

But that is kid of a sad isn’t it? You life is full of small happiness or unhappiness which is worth remembering.

If you keep journal, you can always keep track of those precious moment.

I believe that will make your life richer especially as you get older.

Secondly, you can improve yourself.

If you develop a habit of keeping a journal, that means you review your days incl. what you achieved or what went wrong.

This will help you to find the way to do better tomorrow.

For example, I have hard time to persuade my son to do his homework.

And sometimes I get too strong and my son get angry saying you are too bossy.

But writing about this on my journal helps me calm down and I decided to apply more friendly approach, which is working well so far.

Also, keeping a diary means continuing one thing for a long time à it may not be easy but once you make it, you will gain huge confidence as well as patience. -> which is applicable for anything else. Eg..

I started to keep a journal because of what my high school teacher told. He said if you continue something for ten years, you will be somebody special.

5 years ago, when I was at the bookstore in Tokyo , his words flash backed and bought this journal.

This is my 5th year, so I have 5 more years to be somebody, though.

Now I would explain how you can start it.

You may think you can just buy the cheapest thin journal book at Staples or CVS, but my recommendation is opposite. Please buy a nice and expensive ten year journal. It could cost $40-50.

But that expense will  makes you feel guilty if you stop doing it. You make investment so you think you have to earn something from it.

Also, ten year journal have just a couple of lines for one day. Easy to continue.

Once you get it. Lets start. Don’t be so serious. You can simply write what come up to your mind from what you did for the day. A simple thing like what you had for lunch or dinner is fine.

Initially, getting used to keeping a journal is more important than what you write about.

Then sooner or later you will have a day when you would like to express your thinking or emotion.

You will have days you are too busy, you don’t need to write it on the day. You can work on multiple days together when you have time. (But you will be surprised how quickly your forget what you did just a few days ago.)

OK. Are you ready ? Here is the Amazon link for you.

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