Welcome to my website!!

Welcome to my website!!


My pen name is PepperX. 

I lived in California for 4 years and I just moved back to Japan.

I am in third grade and I enjoy playing sports, such as baseball, soccer and basketball.

I love art and math.On my computer, I love learning new things and tricks on it to help me learn in  a safer way.

I love reading lots of books.But about in September 2019, I got bored using the same search engine everyday.I got bored reading books in the library that I knew about.So I decided to search lots of search engines and books. I found out a lot when I searched for them.

I used websites that are 100% safe and read more books on advanced technology, which I was interested in. Soon enough, I was reading books and using my computer like I used to.

In this website, I will include the search engines and books I highly recommend and other things.

I will post these once a month or more often.I would love for you to learn new things on this website.

I hope you find this website fun.My goal is to listen to people’s thoughts and respect their choices.



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