Book recommendations popular

Book recommendations popular

This is another recommendation series. These are popular books.

#1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

These are funny series about Greg Heffley, a middle schooler. This book is mostly about Greg’s life in school or at home. He talks about what is wrong about his life. Don’t forget to check out his friends books too. ‘’Rowley Jefferson’s journal Diary of a Awesome Friendly Kid’’ and many more to come from both of them!

#2 Judy Moody

These series are GOLD. They are about Judy Moody, a third grader, famous for her many moods, have adventures and got to go to college, go to Boston, and makes some international friends, and does weird things with her friends. Also check out her little brother’s series, Stink! Also there are books in full color with both of them solving mysteries.


#3 Smile, Sisters, Guts

Hands down! You are in for a treat. These books are about Raina Telgemeier’s childhood dental dramas, and other things in life. They are comics, so they are easy to read. This is a MUST read these books. They are very good!

 #4 New Kid

This comic is the one of the best comic books ever! It is about twelve year old Jordan Banks being the new kid at a new public school, trying to fit in with the other kids, joins the lower b soccer team, and finds new friends. Jordan is a art geek, getting his artwork on the cover of the yearbook. This book is also the first comic book that won the Newbery Honor Medal. 

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