Public parks still are open in Japan

Public parks still are open in Japan

Hello. I am worried about something today. Japan has over 15,253 people and counting who caught the coronavirus.

But, the public parks are still open. Just because the amount of people who catch it is slowing down, it doesn’t mean all the parks should open.

I saw over 100 people at different parks this past week. My guess is by seeing all the kids, 75% of the children are not wearing masks.

In public parks, a lot of people are there so its likely that if someone had the coronavirus, they would most likely spread it around.

In America, I am sure that all parks are closed.                                      So, what shall we do to keep healthy?

We should wash are hands when we get home, don’t touch your face, stand at least two yards away from one another, and most important of all, wear a mask.

We must do everything to keep healthy until a vaccine is made.

Stay healthy everyone.


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