Book recommendations classics

Book recommendations classics

There are many good books you may have not read. Maybe you have heard of them, but never read it. They can be in series or just one book. So, if you want to read some good books, Here are recommendations for classic stories.

I hope you find these books interesting or if you have already read it, I hope you liked them.They are all good stories in the same way, so I am not ranking them from good to great.

#1 Charlotte’s Web

By E.B White

Just because it is a classic, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it. It is a wonderful story about Wilbur, a pig who was about to be killed because he is a runt, is saved by Fern, a 8 year old girl.Wilbur moves to a farm and meets a spider named Charlotte. They have a wonderful time together helping Wilbur live because his life is in danger when he is going to be killed by some farmers.

#2 Indian in the Cupboard

By Lynne Reed Banks

It is a wonderful story about Omri, a little boy, who gets a mysterious cupboard for his birthday. He realized that if he put a plastic figure in the cupboard and locked it, the figure came to life. He made a indian come to life. Shortly after, Omri’s friend knew the secret too, and he made a cowboy come to life. The two figures in different eras get together and get to know each other until it is time to put them away forever…….

#3 Matilda

By Roald Dahl

In this book, Matilda, a little genius, fascinates her kindergarten teacher, Miss.Honey, a kind teacher. Outside of school, they go to Miss.Honey’s house and Matilda learns about Miss Honey’s sad childhood. Matilda thinks of plans to help Miss.Honey’s childhood guardian, the principal at Matilda’s school to give Miss.Honey more money and give back her father’s house, which Miss.Honey was supposed to own but the principal had it. Matilda used her brain to solve all her problems and soon goes to a higher grade. 

If you want to buy these books, go to or if you want to borrow it, go to the nearest library and ask your librarian.



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